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Documentary photography.. for couples who can't stand posing.

Real moments. Little effort. Relaxing day. In a nutshell, you have fun and I do all the work. If I'm doing it right, you may not even notice I'm there.



Kristina L.

We loved using Mike for our wedding. Why, you ask?

1) Mike had the same vision as us. We wanted our wedding captured authentically; we didn't want a wedding-themed photoshoot where we spent 2 hours posing for photos - and Mike got that. His photojournalism eye yielded some of the most interesting and true-to-life wedding pictures I've seen. 

2) He was laid back and professional, making him very easy to work with. There is no drama with Mike!

3) He was honest with us - what he thought would work well, what he thought wouldn't...I feel like it's rare to find someone who's not a "yes-man." We hired him because he's an expert and advised us like one!

My husband is not one for photos or photographers in general but Mike made us both feel at ease.
— Casey G.

Emily K.

Connor and I are so happy we chose Mike - he was professional, funny, reasonable and really put us at ease on our wedding day, despite how chaotic it was. We are very pleased with how our pictures turned out and would absolutely recommend him for anyone looking for a photographer capable of capturing the real emotions of the event. He did a stellar job - we'll definitely be having him do pictures for us again in the future! Props to him, he is also one of the few photographers who really knows how to do a real black and white photo!


He is great, spontaneous, and goes with the flow. He was my favorite vendor the day of and I can’t say enough great things about his work.
— Cheryl T.


Andrew E.

Mike has a documentarian's eye. His many years of experience as a photojournalist are apparent in his instinctive ability to get the shot in the moment that captures the essence of the experience and the day. Mike powerfully memorialized the most important details of our wedding, while unobtrusively imprinting his unique tone throughout the collection of images. Mike blends art and science to accurately record history, while maximizing the emotional appeal of each shot. He did the highest quality work under substantial stakes that represented an outstanding value.